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Teeth Whitening Service Auburn Alabama

At Bent Creek Dental, we believe that everyone should be able to have a beautiful white smile. 


In-office Whitening


We have a professionally applied whitening system that will ensure our patients leave the office with visibly whiter teeth compared to before doing our in-office whitening treatment. The in-office system, Opalescence BOOST, uses 40% hydrogen peroxide gel that is professionally applied at the dental office. 


Since it is a high concentration, the whitening gel is also compounded with potassium nitrate, the main ingredient in Sensodyne to aid in sensitivity and fluoride, another essential ingredient for not only sensitivity but remineralization of enamel surfaces. This is a huge plus to help aid in sensitivity after whitening. It takes two to three 15-20 minute sessions all done in one appointment to ensure you leave the office with visibly whiter teeth that will continue to whiten after you leave! 


Custom Whitening Trays


With our custom whitening trays, patients have the ability to whiten at home, at their own pace, on their own time. Patients are given two custom-made whitening trays via dental impressions. The trays are then fabricated in our dental lab and delivered about 1 week later. 


When we make custom whitening trays, patients are given two syringes of whitening material to start and then can purchase a syringe from us later on for a nominal fee. Whitening at home can take about 1 week to see results. 


Custom whitening trays are crucial to maintaining white teeth. Patients who opt for our in-office whitening treatment also receive custom whitening trays so that they are able to maintain their bright, white smiles!

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