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Dental Services

Bent Creek Dental Services in Auburn, Al

Bent Creek Dental offers a wide variety of services meant to serve the needs of our patients and others seeking a dentist in Auburn, AL and its surrounding areas. We combine the latest in technology with a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere in order to give patients the best experience possible at a dental office. 


Dentistry is our passion and part of how we show how much we care is by teaching our patients preventive care and encouraging regular dental visits. Many people believe that it is only necessary to visit the dentist if one is experiencing pain. However, regular visits to your dentist will help you stay ahead of your oral health and will lower the cost and possible pain of future visits. 


Dr. Mathis is a General Dentist and the owner of Bent Creek Dental. Dr. Mathis operates a full service Dental Clinic in Auburn, AL. Our team is experienced, well trained, and known for providing exceptional care to our patients. We accept most insurances and will work with you to get the most out of your dental benefits. 


In addition to dentistry, Bent Creek Dental also offers Cosmetic Dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t only deal with oral health, but also includes enhancing the appearance of ones mouth and smile. Cosmetic Dentists can repair or replace broken teeth, brighten your smile, and generally help you to customize your smile in most any way you would want. 


Our Dental Clinic is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday for your convenience. 


We have a Dental Hygienist to serve our patients on all of those days as well. A dental hygienist, also known as an oral hygienist, is a licensed dental professional who is specifically trained to work alongside dentists and help give a patient a deep oral cleaning that is difficult to get on your own. We recommend regular cleanings with our Dental Hygienist in order to maintain the best oral health. 


Pediatric Dentists are dental specialists who have extra training and schooling in order to work specifically with children. Although Dr. Mathis is a General Dentist and not a Pediatric Dentist, dentistry for kids is one of his areas of service that he provides for patients and parents in the Auburn, AL area. 


Teeth Whitening is another service provided for patients at Bent Creek Dental. If you want to brighten up your smile, we can help you smile with more confidence. Ask about our Teeth Whitening service. 


Bent Creek Dental is proud to offer Emergency Dental Service. If you have experienced an event in your dental health that is causing you pain and needs attention quickly, don’t hesitate to call us. 
A Dental Implants Periodontist is a dental specialist who works on Dental Implants, among other things. Dr. Mathis is a General Dentist, but one of the services he provides is Dental Implants. If you are a resident of Auburn or its surrounding areas and you think you may need a dental implant, Dr. Mathis has performed this procedure many times and can provide you this excellent service at an affordable price.