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Emergency Dental Services in Auburn, Al

Auburn Emergency Dental Services

Good news, you have taken your first step towards getting rid of tooth and jaw pain by visiting our website. 


At Bent Creek Dental, we are empathetic about your dental pain. That is why we offer Emergency Dental Services. 


When you are in pain, hours can feel like days and days can feel like weeks, or longer.  


That is why we always do our best to get patients in for emergency dental as quickly as we can. 


Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and other amenities to provide our patients with the most comfort available. In addition, our caring staff will see to your needs and find ways to provide you with relief when you enter our dental office. 


Are you experiencing a Toothache? Did you chip or lose a tooth? Or even lose multiple teeth? Did a dental crown or filling fall out? 


Life can be unpredictable, so we try to be as accommodating to our patients as we possibly can. Although we are not open 24/7, we can sometimes schedule appointments for as early as 8am the following day. 


We restore dental health for our patients in Auburn and Opelika, and the surrounding areas so that you feel better quickly. 


Our goal is to minimize your pain and maximize your comfort while restoring your oral health to the highest level that can be attained. 


That should give you something to smile about. 


Same Day and Next Day appointments are available. 


Bent Creek Dental is a full-service dental practice in Auburn, Alabama. Dr. Joshua Mathis is known for his caring bedside manner. 


Heather S. had the following to say about Dr. Mathis. 


“Dr. Mathis was so caring and got done fast! Something that could have taken 2 hours elsewhere took him less than an hour. If you are looking for a dentist that is clean, caring, and wanting to get in and out this is the dentist for you!”

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