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About Bent Creek Dental - Dentist in Auburn, AL

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Bent Creek Dental is a full-service dental clinic in Auburn, AL. We serve patients from the Auburn, Opelika and surrounding communities.


We are committed to providing comprehensive preventive dental care for our patients. Our website offers an abundant amount of information on the services we provide. Please feel free to look around and find out more about our dental clinic and the services we offer. 


We believe that providing our patients with all of the information that you could want will improve your understanding and importance of dentistry. We also believe it will improve your experience at the dentist's. 


Proper dental care is a key component of good health. Dr. Mathis is committed to helping his patients take care of their oral health and provide care for their immediate needs. In addition, he is happy to provide his patients with helpful information that will help you maintain a healthy mouth and smile. 


If you are unsure about your dental needs, please call us and schedule an appointment. Dr. Mathis and our caring and well-trained staff will go over all of your treatment options. 


Dr. Mathis is committed to staying on top of all of the latest dental advancements and technology. 


As our patient, you are our most important asset. We try to have that come through in all we do, from the moment you find our website, to the time you walk in the door for your appointment, and throughout your entire visit. 


Your comfort is our priority. When you enter our office, we hope you feel relaxed and welcome. We provide individualized care at Bent Creek Dental. We hope that all of our patients leave our dental clinic with a confident smile.


We accept most insurance and our staff is happy to explore all of your payment options and will do their best to get the most out of your insurance. 


If you enjoy your experience at our dental clinic, we’re very grateful for any positive feedback you can give us, but there is nothing more flattering for us than for you to recommend us to your friends and family.
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