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REGULAR VISITS TO YOUR FAMILY DENTIST OR GENERAL DENTIST HAVE GREATER SIGNIFICANCE THAN JUST GETTING YOUR TEETH CLEANED. Most people don’t realize that dental checkups are not only important for your oral hygiene, but also for the prevention and early detection of serious health issues like gum disease and oral cancer. During a checkup, your general or family dentist usually takes x-rays and examines your teeth for any signs of decay or infection. Additionally, teeth cleanings and fluoride treatments help maintain and improve your oral health.

Preventative Care

A family dentist or general dentist focuses on preventative care, ensuring that your smile remains healthy and strong. While home maintenance such as brushing and flossing is crucial to healthy teeth, a professional tooth cleaning is much more thorough and gets rid of plaque buildup. A dental cleaning and a checkup are recommended about every six months.

When deciding whether or not to schedule your biannual visit to your family dentist or general dentist, keep in mind that it is much easier to prevent health problems than to repair them. Poor oral hygiene can lead to several issues such as bone loss, gum disease, and infections. Your family or general dentist can help prevent oral hygiene problems with fluoride treatments, teeth cleanings, tooth decay prevention, and early detection of oral diseases.

Dental Health

During a checkup your general or family dentist looks for signs of oral health problems such as gum disease or oral cancer. The early detection of gum disease is important since it is one of the leading causes of tooth loss, and it can lead to even greater health problems like heart disease and stroke. However, when caught early, gum disease can be reversed. Regular visits to your general or family dentist maintain both your oral health and overall health.

In addition to cleanings and checkups, many general and family dentists also offer other services such as the following:

• Tooth-colored dental fillings • Root canals • Tooth extraction • Wisdom teeth extraction • Dental crowns • Teeth whitening • Dental bridges • Dentures

If you are looking for an excellent general dentist or family dentist to help maintain your family’s oral health, contact us.

Bent Creek Dental

2311 Bent Creek Rd Ste 500, Auburn, AL 36830

(334) 758-8000

Hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 8am - 5pm

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