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Dental Hygienists Auburn, Al

Dental Hygienists in Auburn, Al

Dental Hygienists are highly skilled and highly trained dental professionals who work alongside dentists in order to help give patients the excellent treatment in improving and maintaining great oral health. 


Their primary goal is to provide a professional level of teeth cleaning which not only helps to prevent small problems but also keeping problems from growing so big that they would eventually become painful and expensive to fix. 


Our dental hygienist will probe for infected gum pockets, as well as cleaning and scraping off the hardened plaque that can lead to gum disease. 


Dental cleanings are an integral part of your oral health. By visiting our office for your bi-annual dental cleaning, we are able to prevent gum disease and cavities which lead to early tooth loss. 


Research shows strong links between healthy gums and cardiovascular and brain health. 


During your cleaning, we will perform an examination to ensure the health of your fillings and crowns. Our goal is to detect cavities, cracked teeth and failing fillings before it causes pain or discomfort.


Do your part. We only see you so often. You are responsible for maintaining great oral health from good habits at home. Do you know how to properly care for your teeth and oral hygiene?


Here are some tips for good oral hygiene. 


-Brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes every night before bed. 


-Use a brush with soft bristles. Brushing too hard can actually cause damage to your teeth. 


-Consider using an electric toothbrush.


-Use fluoride toothpaste.


-Brush upwards at a 45-degree angle with short strokes.


-Brush your tongue to help remove excess bacteria. 


-Floss daily. 


The best times to brush and floss are right after eating and before bed. This keeps your mouth free from food particles which are a food source for bacteria that can create an acidic environment for your teeth. 


If you find flossing to be difficult, you may want to consider using a water pick. This is a very useful tool for those with braces.